Wednesday, November 25, 2009

putman style

My idol.
"What is style? One point of view and one only."
"We go out less than before, either because of too much work, or lack of desire. When we go out, we're happy to rediscover the fun in life, and we think of the famouse words of coco chanel who once said 'if we dance all night we look good."
-Andree Putman, Interior Designer Extraordinaire
"Practically by accident , Andree's flair for designing became a division of Escart International. Thierry Mugler commissioned her talents to design his first boutique. Dider Grumbach, the head of YSL, offered her the design of his first boutique, plus his apartements in Paris and New York. Soon after that came the Paris Hemispheres boutique, then Karl Kagerfeld's apartements in Paris and Rome."
-Putman Style, Stephane Gerschel

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